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How to Stop Ears Ringing

Have you ever noticed ringing in your ears? Do you find it annoying, probably so? If you do, then you are not alone. It’s estimated that millions of peopleacross the world suffer at one point or the other from ringing in the ears. This article will explain what causes this annoying and unfortunate condition, and will explain how to stop ears ringing so that you can have some comfort and peace and enjoy life to the fullest.

What is Tinnitus?

Tinnitus is the condition outlined above – ringing in the ears. Actually, tinnitus is more accurately described as symptom, because it is most commonly caused by a condition known as inner ear nerve damage. The ear – and by this I mean the small, vulnerable and fragile organs in the inner ear canal such as the hammer, anvil, stirrup, and cochlea – is easy to damage and is susceptible to a wide variety of things that can injure it. Whenever you hear a loud, frustrating, ringing noise that is often high-pitched, and there isn’t anything around that can cause it, then you know you have tinnitus – a sound that comes from inside the ear, not outside of it.

How to Stop Ears Ringing: A Few Tips

Now that you know what tinnitus is, we can discuss how to stop it. But first, let’s talk briefly about some common causes. The most common cause of ears ringing is excessive noise. Noises that are too loud can damage the inner ear by hurting the tiny hair cells that line the cochlea. When these are hurt, the nerve attached to them is damaged also. This in turn limits the ability of the nerve to transmit sound signals to the brain so that it can interpret them and hear sounds. This is one of the main preventable causes, due to the fact that other causes are through illness or infection.

The first step to learn how to stop ears ringing is to change your environment. If you regularly listen to loud music, or work in construction, or are in another place that is continually loud, you should reduce the volume if possible by turning down the music or wearing earplugs. These can really help to cut down on that painful noise. If your tinnitus is caused through excessive stress, then you should meditate, or adapt your lifestyle to have more relaxing activities, or speak to a counselor about getting rid of some of that stress. And if your tinnitus is caused by neck strain or teeth grinding, then find the correct posture and find ways to remind yourself daily to keep from grinding your teeth or placing your neck under strain through improper positioning and movement.

Learning how to stop ears ringing is all about learning what causes tinnitus and what you can do to change your life to remove these causes from it. If you take an active role in making these changes, and are dedicated to resolving this annoying condition, then you, too, can eventually learn how to stop ears ringing and learn to cope with your life.

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