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Inner Ear Tinnitus

If you have experienced a ringing, banging, or wave-like noise that seems to be localized to the inside of your ear or head, chances are you've had a brush with tinnitus. If it was a temporary experience that quickly faded, you are one of the lucky ones. Somewhere around 12% of American's are not so fortunate, and are forced to live with the effects of tinnitus every day of their lives. Inner ear tinnitus can be particularly disruptive as it often includes among its symptoms a loss of balance and even vertigo.

Unlike most disorders, tinnitus is not an actual disease, but rather a symptom of other problems. In the case of inner ear tinnitus, there are a variety of disorders that can be at the root of the condition. Clicking sounds, for example, can occur when the two muscles of the inner ear - the stapedius and the tensor tympani - contract in rhythm for a short time, causing the bones to which those muscles are attached to tap together repetitively. This clicking can be frustrating, but usually disappears on its own in a relatively short period of time.

Check out our pages about Tinnitus Medication and Tinnitus Acupuncture for more treatment methods.

Inner ear tinnitus can also result from infections of the inner ear, such as Labyrinthitis. Labyrinthitis is an inflammation of the labyrinth - that portion of the inner ear responsible for your ability to maintain your balance. The sudden swelling can cause vertigo, which gives you a disoriented, spinning or twirling feeling. This is in most cases accompanied by a ringing sensation in the inner ear.

Like the rest of the body, the inner ear can be affected by allergies. At times, inner ear tinnitus can stem from something as simple as a reaction to contact with certain foods, plants, and environmental allergens. The effects of these reactions can be mild, moderate, or severe, and manifest themselves in a variety of recognizable symptoms, including noises in the inner ear.

Last but not least are the results of structure damage to the inner ear. When the microscopic nerve endings of the inner ear become damaged by either old age or trauma, inner ear tinnitus can result. Unfortunately, these nerve endings can also be damaged by prolonged exposure to loud noises, music, and the discharge of firearms.

Any damage or impairment of the hearing nerves can lead to inner ear tinnitus, and while the effects of old age are difficult to fight, we can all take precautions against some of the other common causes. Guarding against infections, allergens, and loud noises can go a long way toward preventing the onset of this horribly disruptive condition.

So if you are suffering from inner ear tinnitus then it’s vital to your health to prevent whatever is causing your symptoms from reoccurring. Tinnitus is a horrible condition won’t go away on its own. In order to overcome tinnitus you need to either seek medical help or use a natural tinnitus treatment plan such as that offered by "Tinnitus Miracle". Taking quick actoin can result in fast results and elimination of tinnitus permanently - so act today. 2010

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