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Who is Paul Carrington?

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Paul Carrington is the designer of the increasingly popular Banish Tinnitus program, a 3-step system that has been proven to provide tinnitus sufferers with permanent relief from tinnitus. Paul himself suffered for 5 years from this debilitating disorder known as tinnitus, and tried every conventional method he could find to end his suffering.

Before he discovered this revolutionary system, he had tried every recommended medication, vitamin supplement, and noise treatment known to mankind. At the height of his suffering, he even went so far as to allow his professional doctors to try surgery to correct the problem. Needless to say, nothing worked and he continued to suffer every day.

Then one day, while talking with his doctor, Paul Carrington was asked the one question that changed his life forever. That question opened his eyes to the truth about his tinnitus, and set him on the path to discovering the system that banished his tinnitus forever. Paul’s system, now presented for the first time in his eBook Banish Tinnitus, is a natural, comprehensive approach to tackling all three of the primary causes of tinnitus, with the goal of first reducing and then ending your tinnitus once and for all forever.

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Banish Tinnitus presents the truth about tinnitus, revealing little-known and previously unknown facts about the condition that explain the reasons why most tinnitus sufferers never get relief with traditional medications and treatments. Banish Tinnitus outlines the 6 ordinary foods that can lower the noise levels in your head - a secret that is itself makes this system so unique!

Banish Tinnitus also offers a simple, easy to implement, 3 minute test that quickly and accurately determines which of the 3 root causes of tinnitus are affecting you, so that you can customize Paul Carrington’s system to meet your specific needs and be on your way to being free from tinnitus.

Because he suffered from tinnitus for so long, Paul Carrington is passionate about sharing his se.

All in all, Paul has done a great job in sharing his secrets in Banish Tinnitus. If you are suffering from tinnitus and haven't yet used Paul's method to end it, take action today as this product has already helped thousands of sufferers worldwide to overcome tinnitus and return to live normal lives. 2010

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