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Who is Paul Tobey?

Paul TobeyOrder Tinnitus Free Living

Paul Tobey is a Canadian jazz pianist, composer, and producer who have been an outspoken advocate for Tinnitus awareness since his escape from the disorder many years ago. He is also the creator of the Tinnitus Free Living program for tinnitus healing, and the Tinnitus Free Living book released in 2004 along with related audio downloads and workbooks. At 46 years of age, he has spoken at Seminars around the world on tinnitus. His charitable contributions include work for the Sunshine Dreams for Kids and the Big Brothers Big Sisters Agencies of Niagara.

Tinnitus sufferers know him best for his work in helping to relieve the noise and discomfort felt by those who suffer from the disorder tinnitus. Paul Tobey's Tinnitus Free Living program is unique in its approach to dealing with all of the elements of tinnitus by harnessing the untapped power of the brain to affect the habits and behaviors that contribute to the horrible condition known as tinnitus. By focusing on the root causes of tinnitus, and offering a truly brain-centered holistic approach to self-treatment, Paul Tobey has helped people around the world escape from tinnitus and reclaims the lives they once enjoyed.

Paul Tobey's personal struggle with tinnitus is one with which many current tinnitus patients can readily identify. He spent years searching for an answer to end the ringing in his ears, attempting one supposed cure after another with no success. Medications, herbs, and acupuncture all failed to make any headway against the noises in his head. After spending thousands of dollars to discover what didn’t work, he eventually determined what did and now wants to share it with you.

His discovery that the human brain has all the power needed to overcome the effects of tinnitus was a breakthrough that has changed his life and the lives of hundreds of others around the world today. His Tinnitus Free Living eBook details the techniques he used to change his attitudes, habits, and behaviors – all of which were contributing to his symptoms of tinnitus. Those changes enabled him to shatter the foundation on which his tinnitus had been built, and remove the walls of habit that had nurtured it over time. Those who have implemented the methodology of Tinnitus Free Living report remarkable changes in the intensity of the noise, with many reporting that their tinnitus has vanished altogether.

If you or someone you know suffers from tinnitus, you don’t have to suffer any longer. Paul Tobey has the answers you have been looking for to cure your condition for good!

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