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How to Treat Ringing in The Ears

Have you ever been somewhere and heard a loud,buzzing sound or ringing in the ears? If you have, you’ve probably looked around for the source ofthe sound but weren’t able to find it. Or, you might have been at a concert, or near a construction zone, or been around another place with loud sounds and heard ringing then. If you have heard this ringing in the ears frequently, and you can’t figure out why, then you probably have a condition known as tinnitus. This article will explain what causes ringing in the ears and how it can affect you.

How the Ear Works

First, though, you need to understand how your ear works so you can understand what causes ringing in the ears. Your ear is a very complex organ that has delicate sensors inside to pick up sound. When a sound wave enters the ear, it travels through the inner ear canal into what is called the inner ear. Inside this inner ear is an organ called the cochlea, a spiral-shaped body filled with liquid and tiny hair like strands. The sound wave enters the cochlea and the vibrations make the hairs inside move, which sends nerve signals into the brain. This produces what we call sound.

What Causes Ringing in the Ears?

Ringing in the ears is primarily caused by damage to these hair like strands in the inner ear. Damage to the inner ear is typically caused by loud music. In older generations it was caused by heavy construction or industry; with the creation of mp3 players, iPods and similar devices, however, the younger generations are getting affected by this condition more and more. Loud noises can cause temporary ringing in the ears in just about anyone, but when the sound continues to persist and happens more than just every now and then, it becomes more serious. The loud noise and music that lead to ringing in the ears can eventually lead to permanent damage or hearing loss if you keep yourself exposed to it.

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There are other possible causes as well. Medical conditions can cause ringing in the ears, such as sinus infections or ear infections. Your primary senses are all connected in one way or another, and an ailment that affects one – such as a head cold – can affect the others. Many of you have probably noticed a bit of ringing in the ears when you’ve come down sick. This is because pressure on the inner ear can cause that damage to the hair like organs in the ear. Stress can also play a role by messing with the body’s ability to hear, see, smell, touch, or taste. If you’ve ever had ringing in the ears after being stressed for prolonged periods of time, then you know what I’m talking about.

Ringing in the ears can be serious if left unattended. If you have this symptom, and it is more than a temporary thing that only pops up rarely, then chances are you’ve had some damage to your cochlea. If so, you should seek help immediately. Ringing in the ears can be cured but in many cases it simply won't disappear by itself. If you suffer from your ears ringing get help today. You can do this by arranging an appointment with an ear specialist or by using one of the home tinnitus cures listed below. Either way - make sure you take action.

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