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Tinnitus, what is it and how is it caused? Many around the world ask those very same questions because they themselves suffer from it. If you do as well, then you are probably wondering about treatment for tinnitus. This article will explain the causes of tinnitus – or ringing in the ears – and will discuss possible treatment for tinnitus so that you can learn to deal with it and get on with your life.

Tinnitus: A Symptom and a Condition

Tinnitus is nothing more than a term for that high-pitched, repetitive, and utterly annoying ringing sound you hear when there’s nothing else around you to cause it. Tinnitus is described as a condition, but it is also a symptom of something else – inner ear nerve damage. The inner ear is a very delicate arrangement of sensory organs that allows you to hear by interpreting sound waves into sound. This is done by hair-like cells in the inner ear that vibrate when hit by sound waves, which causes your nerves to send them to the brain for processing. If your hairs in the ear are damaged, then tinnitus often results.

Knowing more about the causes of this condition is important for treatment of tinnitus. You have to know about your condition before you can deal with it, after all. Loud noise is one of the main causes of tinnitus. As mentioned, loud noises from concerts, music, construction, and other environmental effects hurt those hair cells. Another cause is stress, which can have a very detrimental effect on hearing as well as your other senses. No one fully understands just how stress causes tinnitus, but there is definitely a relationship there that must be controlled for good treatment of tinnitus. Yet another preventable cause of tinnitus is neck strain, which places pressure on the inner ear if the ligaments and muscles around the ears and skull are strained.

Treatment for Tinnitus - Your Options

Now that we know about the causes, we can talk about treatment for tinnitus. Treatment for tinnitus is largely behavioral; if you change what you can in your life, you’ll notice a marked improvement in your condition. The first step is to lower the amount and intensity of sound that you hear. This can be done with earplugs that reduce the amount of noise that enters your ear. If neck strain is the culprit, then practice sitting upright and perhaps sleeping with a specially-made pillow that fits the contours of your neck (which can also be very helpful if you fly frequently).

Becoming a healthier person can also help you a lot if you suffer from tinnitus. This can be accomplished by eating a healthy, balanced diet and by exercising regularly. Both of these combined will make you healthier and will aid tremendously in relieving the stress and tension that could be causing your tinnitus. Also, good, solid sleep habits can help with coping with tinnitus because you’ll be more rested and less stressed. Plus, you won’t be sick as much if you follow these tips, and illness is a cause of tinnitus.

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