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What is Tinnitus

What is Tinnitus? If you’ve ever heard ringing in your ears, or have heard of someone who has complained about hearing annoying, high-pitched sounds, then you have probably wondered what causes this condition, or what is tinnitus exactly. This condition – characterized by a ringing or pealing or other kind of repetitive noise in the ear – is called tinnitus, and it is more common today than ever before. This article will describe what exactly tinnitus is and how it works so that you can be informed should this condition ever affect you.

What is Tinnitus and What Are the Symptoms?

As mentioned above, tinnitus is usually characterized by symptoms involving high-pitched, repetitive noises (most people call it “ringing”) that seem to come from nowhere. While everyone usually has ringing in the ears every now and then, people with tinnitus suffer from it on a more frequent basis, sometimes every day. The sound may start in the morning and not finish for days. And of course, it may temporarily go away but always comes back.

Note that true tinnitus occurs without the presence of an external sound. It is purely an internal sound and doesn’t occur because something in outside is causing it. Ringing resulting from loud noise is, for all intents and purposes, natural and to be expected. True tinnitus is anything but commonplace.

What Causes Tinnitus?

The ringing in the ears that people hear with this condition can be caused by several different factors. The most common cause of tinnitus is loud noise. Loud noise (from concerts, construction zones, MP3 players, stereos, etc.) can be harmful to the ear because of how the ear works. Sound is created when sound waves enter an organ called a cochlea, located in the inner ear. The cochlea is filled with liquid and tiny hair like strands. The sound waves hit these hairs and cause them to vibrate, which in turn creates those signals that the brain interprets as “sound”. Loud noise can damage these hairs by making them brittle and prone to breaking. The noise that happens with tinnitus is usually caused by this damage.

TMJ syndrome – short for “temperomandibular joint” syndrome – is a condition that also causes tinnitus. This is when the TMJ (located at the base of your jaw, where it connects to the skull) becomes inflamed or sore through teeth grinding, external trauma, illness, or some other affliction. Sinus problems – problems to those air cavities beneath your eyes, in your forehead, and under your nose – can cause aggravation to the inner ear. Finally, tinnitus can be caused by neck problems or tension, which creates more of that pressure and stress that really inflames those sensitive organs in the ear.

It can be scary if you wake up one day and begin hearing annoying noises in your ear without anything around to cause them. The purpose of this article is to educate and inform so that tinnitus doesn’t seem as frightening if you happen to become affected by it. By being able to answer the question of "what is tinnitus" and by knowing what causes tinnitus can not only help you potentially avoid it, but can help you take action if you find you have it so that the condition doesn’t worsen in time.

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